Besharam Ep 15 – ARY Digital Drama




Haider has another issue of office lease in Besharam Episode 15. Ikhlaq Chaku who is the proprietor of his decision office’s building is cautioning them to leave his building since they have not payed the lease for three months Besharam 16 August 2016. At the point when companion educated Haider concerning this he said to her that he might pay the lease following two days. Following two days when he didn’t payed the lease Ikhlaq went to his office and brakes his furniture. Companion called Haidar yet he was not in the room around then. Mishal got the call. The kid told everything without realizing that who is on the call.

Mishi takes her as her obligation to help Haider’s family to the best of her capacities, Haider additionally feels that same way, that is the reason without advising his significant other, he went to her home to have a discussion with his relative. I figure Haider has understood that Sara is lost and she is candidly delicate, that is the reason he went to expand her some passionate support and Haider realizes that truly well since he has recognized the lament and trouble clearly every time she discusses her mom. Haider has seen that despite the fact that Mishi won’t not state it transparently, everything that Sara has done and every one of her choices have incurred significant damage on every one of her kids and this is the reason Haider attempted to make her understand that regardless she can correct the circumstance and change the broken ties. Despite the fact that Manan didn’t show up however appears as though he will appear later on scenes. Manan fled on the grounds that he was worn out on observing his mom getting included with one man after another and the way Mishi portrayed that whole circumstance did really make me feel for her and I trust Sara is the motivation behind why Mishi regardless of being a model never went on that way as she realized that all that stuff accompanies a things which influences the individual required as well as incurs significant damage on the general population that encompass them as well.

I am certain he will continue coercing her yet for the present, Saba shooed him away. Sikandar discovered that a tremendous sum was missing and it regarded see that he was more stressed over the way that he was liable to Haider. It demonstrates that at any rate he has some still, small voice in him that made him stressed over the way that he needs to satisfy the guarantee he made to Haider, regardless of the possibility that he hasn’t let him know the real sum that he got as a propel installment.

The acting of the considerable number of on-screen characters is astonishing yet for reasons unknown, I super appreciate viewing Mehmood Akhtar’s scenes since he adds such authenticity to his execution that it turns into a treat to watch him. I truly like Saba Qamar and Zahid Ahmed’s science and they both without a doubt are one of the best on-screen couples that we got the chance to see as of late.

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